An Innovative Approach
To Yoga + Fitness

A new platform to connect people serious about yoga and fitness with trained and certified professionals!


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Use Anywhere

Use Yogi-Go Fitness to find local fitness instructors in your area, or use it to find new professional instructors on your travels!  No longer will a work trip limit your trainings!


Be Informed

All communication is kept safe and private inside the app for your privacy and safety.  No more handing strangers your personal contact information or payment information.


Get Connected

We are the premier platform for helping Yogis and Trainers connect with new clientele to grow their practice.  Our platform generates new leads and a safe payment solution that protects and serves all parties.


How it Works

  • Clients can search for Yogi's or Physical Trainers based on multiple criteria like price, ratings, distance, and specialties.
  • Clients can initiate in-app conversations with the instructors so they can find their best match.
  • Safe payments insure that the instructors are paid.
  • Fair review policy allows each party to leave feedback.

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Location Based Fitness

Cut down on paid advertising and hire truly local instructors who have you and the communities best interest in mind.

Never let vacation or a business trip slow down your personal commitment to health and excellence.

Yogi-Go Fitness is always adding in new instructors so you can find trainers everywhere you go!



Become an Instructor!

Are you interested in becoming a Yogi or Fitness Instructor?  Share with us some contact information and we will let you know when you can sign up and get started!