About Us


The Problem:

Have you ever wanted to work out at home with a personal trainer, but you didn't know anyone to come over and train you? Or are you a business traveler who loves to get a nice calming yoga session in after a long day, but can't find a good place in a foreign town? Then, Yogi-Go Fitness is for you!

The Product:

Yogi-Go Fitness is a mobile application that lets you take control of your fitness. Connect to certified personal trainers and yoga instructors in your area, start a conversation, and book a live and in-person, one-on-one fitness session. Book a workout session to train for an event, get in shape, or recover from an injury. Set the meeting time to fit your schedule and even set the location for your home, hotel, or favorite park.

The Owners:

Jon, the certified Yoga instructor, regularly trains with Linh, the business traveler. One day Linh returns home from a stressful business trip and shares this story with Jon:
"I was having a really stressful day with my clients and all I wanted to do was get a nice relaxing Yoga session to clear my head and winddown for the night. The hotel had a yoga mat propped up in the corner, just for me, but I didn't have trainer around like I do at home."
The idea was born and Chrystal, the amateur coder, got to work right away. What if we could build an app to help connect Trainers like Jon with fitness-focused people like Linh. Giving both the trainers and the students that ability to chat, book sessions, and rate services all within the app. The idea burst forth and with a lot of help the Yogi-Go Fitness app was created.